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Absolute Collagen Before And Afters

At Absolute Collagen we are inspired by improving our Absoluters confidence and strength through our products.

We know when our Absoluters feel their best, they look their best. See our inspirational Absoluter stories and their incredible results.

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Nik's Success


"Although the purpose of taking collagen was for my hair, Absolute Collagen has turned into a way of life for me. Forward on 10 months and the difference is now quite visible. I'm 53 and now a fully fledged silver sister."

Nik's Routine

Nik takes her Absolute Collagen around 10am, with a splash of black tea. She also uses our Collagen Boosting Serum after washing her face in the morning, before putting her tinted moisturiser on.

Absolute success stories

At Absolute Collagen, we take pride in showcasing real people achieving amazing results - no models here!

Incredible people share their success stories with us everyday, which inspires us to continue to boost their confidence and strength through our products. You too could become an Absoluter today.

Mandy's success

"5 months apart... it's working! My hair looks thicker and the deep 11 lines are actually going! I'm 42 in July and genuinely amazed!"

Joi's Success

"It’s been 18 months of consistently taking collagen and pleased to report an improvement in my hair, skin and nails! No filters, no make up or even moisturiser (it’s Sunday after all). Turning 41 in 2 weeks."

Kerrie's Success

"I’m in to my 8th week... this is me on day 1 and me today (only wearing mascara) - not great pics but hopefully you will see a difference."